About Us

From Alaska’s pristine coastal waters, to her fertile interior wildlands, our state offers unmatched natural bounty. For nearly two decades the Fish Central family has helped bring the fruits of the northern seas to tables across this great country. In response to the current difficulties, we’ve launched 907 SEAFOOD COMPANY. Our mission? To continue supplying the freshest seafood to your family no matter where you live.

Leading this mission is the 907 CARE PACKAGE. No mere box of fish, the 907 CarePackage is individually assembled and provides a thoughtful collection of artisanal products to complement the freshest wild-caught halibut and salmon. Handled with care, shipped (overnight) and ready on arrival to grace your table.

We’re an entirely Alaskan enterprise. Each item in your 907 CARE PACKAGE originates with the efforts of inspired creators from every point on the compass in the Greatland.

From the appetizers to the after dinner sweets, you’re in for a treat.

Start your feast off with smoked salmon from Valdez’s own Salmon Falls smokery.

Stand alone or mixed with cream cheese and crackers, this will be a nice warm up.

Then go on to discover cedar plank salmon preparation using tantalizing (and convenient) spice blends from Summit Spices in Anchorage. Or step up your game with DeeBee’s Fireweed Honey, cultivated from the hives of tireless Alaskan honeybees in Delta Junction, where the summer days are long and hot and fireweed blossoms lend their unique savor to the perfect cedar plank salmon honey-lemon-thyme emulsion. Unforgettable.

If white fish is your thing, Dineega Dill Alaskan Mustard from Fairbanks’ own Moosetard is the cornerstone of an unequalled Halibut Olympia. Get some!

We’ll even provide the dessert, with a choice of small-batch fudge from Alaska Fudge Company out of our state capital, Juneau.

Want more? Build your own! Choose from our expanded selection offerings, including Prince William Sound Spot Shrimp, Rockfish, and Cod plus additional spices and sweets to suit everyones’ tastes.

From our Family to yours – Fresh. Alaska. Seafood.